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Our delegates at European expos


Mr. Omar Bilonashvili and Mr. Giorgi Shishniashvili attended "AGRO MASHOV 2016" in the Tel Aviv, Israel at 28-29 June, 2016 and established close business relationship and cooperation with Israeli partners and suppliers. Georgian inventors will participate at future exhibitions held in this great country and will represent their innovations and advanced technologies to the Israeli market.


  With Ms. Tal Daniel Sweed


         Mr. Giorgi Shishniashvili and Mr. Omar Bilonashvili 


   At the entrance of the "AgroMashov 2016"

Mr. Roberti Khvinchiashvili 
at "Polagra-Premiery Expo", Poznan, Poland

Mr. Aleks Natatralashvili 
at "Technicon Innovation" conference.
Gdansk, Poland

Mr. David Mamulashvili
at "Brussels Innova"
Brussels, Belgium

Selling exhibition at "Tbilisi Mall" 18 October, 2015 გამოფენაგაყიდვა "თბილისი მოლში"

"თბილისი მოლში" 2015წ. 18 ოქტომბერს გამართული გამოფენაგაყიდვის დროს "საქართველოს გამომგონებელთა კლუბის" გუნდის გოგონებმა 85 ლარი გამოიმუშავეს, აქედან 50 ლარი წმინდა მოგება თავისი იდეის და შრომის პირველი ანაზღაურება, ვულოცავთ მათ ამ წარმატებას და ვუსურვებთ წინსვლას მთელი ცხოვრების განმავლობაში. ეს დღე იმედია არასოდეს დაავიწყდებათ.

P.S. მონაწილე 8 გუნდიდან ყველაზე მცირეწლოვანები ესენი იყვნენ!

Selling exhibition held at 18 October, 2015 in the "Tbilisi Mall" representatives of "Inventors club of Georgia Tamta Bilonashvili and Mariam Dautashvili earned their first 85 GEL (with 50 GEL Net income) wih their idea and startup. Congratulations with this success and wish to them "keep it up" .

We hope this was unforgetable day for them.

P.S. They were youngest between 8 participant team!

Expositions World-wide

"Georgian Innovations and Inventions for Business" 10 - 12 July, 2014 Expo Georgia center. Tbilisi, Georgia

Inventors club of Georgia successfully participated at "Georgian innovations and inventions for business" exposition held at 10-12 July, 2014 in the Expo Georgia center and represented 2 innovations at the stand. 1) System of protection and safety and 2) Package for roasted sunflower and other products. Special interest and attention got second innovation which was created by 13 year old school student Tamta Bilonashvili and she got appreciation from new elected major of city of Tbilisi Mr. David Narmania. 
Please, see the link

Patented design of "Package for roasted sunflower and other packages. (Patent D576)


New elected major of Tbilisi city Mr. David Narmania guesting stand of "Inventors club of Georgia", 10 - 12 July, 2014


Inventions "Concours Leine 2014" Paris 30 April - 11 May

Inventors club of Georgia was warmly hosted by President of Concours LePine" Mr. Gerard Dorey. We are invited to participate at the future events with our inventions and technologies and we hope to establish long term productive and mutual partnership with this great concourse which was founded at 1901.

With President of "Concourse Lepine" Mr. Gerard Dorey

Invented again 

Mr.Tamaz Kipshidze, Mr. Gerard Dorey, Mr.Omar Bilonashvili

Expo Seguridad Mexico 2014, 8-10 April

Inventors club of Georgia was invited at "Expo Seguridad Mexico 2014" at 8-10 April at the Banamex expo center. We had created very productive business relationships with Mexican and different countries colleagues in the innovation field and established projects to realize in the future.

"Expo Seguridad Mexico 2014", 8-10 April. Banamex Expo Center.

With Special Security force officers

Unique Control center for special operations

"New Energy Husum" Germany 20 - 23 March, 2014

Inventors club of Georgia has participated  at "New Energy Husum" Germany at 20-23 March, 2014 the exhibition of future technologies of renewable energy supplying is the biggest event in the Europe. Club was represented by Mr. Omar Bilonashvili and Mr. David Khumarashvili. Inventors represented "Autonomous energy and cooling supply system" and earned very positive reaction and interesting proposals from possible partners from different European companies and organizations.
For more info please, visit link -

 Mr. Omar Bilonashvili  CEO, Inventors club of Georgia


Mr. David Khumarashvili, young inventor and Mr.Omar Bilonashvili

"Security user expo 2013" Copenhagen, Denmark

At September 17-19 in the Copenhagen, Denmark there was great exhibition of security technologies from successful technological companies who represented their best products and innovations. "Inventors club of Georgia" attend the expo and got interest from many partners for future participation at events related this field. 

Bellow here you see Mr. Omar Bilonashvili and young inventor Mr. David Khumarashvili at expo.

,,Genial inventions show" - Gutersloh, Germany

The exhibition of the new ideas, innovations and technologies,  19-20 May , 2011