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Great success ---- 2 Gold medals from 8th INTERNATIONAL SALON of INVENTIONS and NEW TECHNOLOGIES "NEW TIME"

27-29 September, 2012 Sevastopole, Ukraine. We will continue work for our best future.

O. Bilonashvili

GREAT SUCCESS IN THE INDIA, Bangalore 10- 11 September, 2016

At the International Innovation fair in the Bangalore,

Certificate of Merit 

დღეიდან ჩვენი პატარა კლუბი გამომგონებელთა მსოფლიო ფედერაციის წევრობის კანდიდატია
Inventors club of Georgia got certificate as candidate member at IFIA - International Federation of Inventors association,,,, we are proud of our job and recognicion

18 August, 2015

China, Kunshan, 7th International exhibition of Inventions. BRONZE MEDAL

9-12 November, 2012        Good result for our club.

Born to think, imagine, invent and create. (Unimaginable exciting feeling, can not compared with anything)

My first invention "Training device for pilots" created about at age 12-13 inspired by "Mebius effect" article published in the Georgian language popular scientific magazine "Science and Technique". 


1989 Graduated Kvemo Kedi high school
1989-93 Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

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